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3 June 2010

Who is buying the new MAC Opulash?

Big, fat, full, bouffant lashes! Dramatic density and curl achieved with a giant brush! Fibres go in all directions for thick, rich, even application with no clumping. Long-wearing formula – up to 15 hours – quickly thickens lashes, root to tip. Contains natural beeswax.

This has just come out in the UK, and I haven't heard many reviews yet.

The price (£12.50) isn't bad, so it might be worth investing in...

I'd love to hear who is planning to buy this


if you have already, what did you think - YAY or NAY? :)


  1. I'd like to buy it! But where I live they don't sell MAC T____T

  2. I am highly considering it since I have been on mascara hunt for ahwile!

  3. I probably won't be buying it. I love MAC but I prefer to buy mascara at the drugstore because it runs out so quickly, it's better to buy the inexpensive stuff.

  4. I'm buying this on my next shopping trip :) it looks lush x

  5. Nay methinks, I'm not a huge fan of MAC mascaras, and the brush looks a bit plain old...much better to spend a bit more and get Lancome L'exteme or Hynose, they are a gift to lashes x

  6. I'm not sure I'm getting this one. I have far too many at the moment as Ashley said they only last 6 months.
    This week I'm actually reviewing most of the mascaras I have. You might be surprised with my finds :-)
    Check it out:

  7. My mac plush lash is running out and Im tempted by this one! I've never had much luck with mascara, none I've used seem to last very long at all! Love the poster theyre using for advertising though :) xx

  8. For £12.50 I think I'm going to take a chance on this ladies :)

    I think it looks like Diorshow, which I love!

  9. if any of you tried out, let us know! I would love the read a review<3

  10. ill buy it!



  11. i did! my new favorite mascara ever! i reviewed it on my site, check it out! xo

  12. I have a MAC mascara and I LOVE it
    I will try this when my other one runs out :)


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