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2 June 2010

My Clinique skincare routine

I change my skincare A LOT, as I quickly get bored and want to try new products.

But I always go back to Clinique, and when I do, I realise nothing beats it! Nothing makes my skin feel more awake, clean and fresh.

I am currently having a love affair with Clinique (again!) and here is what I do on most days, morning and night.

I willl use one of these to remove my makeup.

Wash-Away Gel cleanser is perfect for night time as it is cooling and tingling. This is great for when my skin is especially oily. 

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser is a creamy white mousse which lathers with a bit of water. It makes my skin very soft and is very mild, gentle and moisturising.

Take The Day Off is perfect for the morning. I rub it in my skin (no water) before I rinse well.

After this my skin is well prepared for the 3-Step skin care regime...

3 - Step:

I think people are pretty familiar with the 3-Step system.

Step 1 (cleanse) is the liquid facial soap. I have it in oily combination to oily. I only need a small pump of this soap to clean my entire face really well. This will remove the remainder of your makeup & take care of excess oiliness etc.

Step 2 (exfoliate) is the clarifying lotion.This makes all the difference. It is pretty strong, but I love what it does. This deflakes the skin's surface to smooth and reveal clearer skin. (This also works as spot treatment!)

Step 3 (moisturise) is my favourite part. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is simply one of a kind. No other moisturiser sinks into my skin as quick, and makes my face feel as soft as a baby's bum! Even hours after applying this, I can touch my cheek and it seriously feels like silk. I have the gel one, not the lotion one, as my skin tends to be oily.

More moisture:

On some days my skin needs extra moisture. More than what my darling Dramatically Different can offer. 
I will then use Superdefense, which has an SPF of 25! This is a thick and luxurious cream. 

I use Clinique's All About Eyes cream every day. It is peach in colour, light in consistency, full of moisture and feels great on my delicate eye area.


Once a week I will exfoliate with either of these two. I love them both. They are not too rough on the skin, smell nice (minty!) and they leave my skin amazingly soft!

I hope that was somewhat informative ;)

Let me know if you use Clinique and is as happy with it as me!



  1. I have samples of the 3 step system and I really want to try it! Im waiting untill my usual skincare has run out and then I shall :) XO

  2. I love clinique skin care and I always use the dramatically different moisturiser its so wonderful. If you havn't already you really have to try the deep comforting body butter, I am new to this product and recently reviewed it on my blog if you want to check it out. I have never tried the clarifying lotion so this is the next on my list I think, thanks for another great blog laura x

  3. Hey, the rinse off foaming cleanser is fab, I love it! All about eyes is great too. I was planning to get the Superdefense moisturiser but I think it's safer to use a dedicated face SPF.

    Your blog is too cute, and I love it's name! I recently started one - - I hope you like it :)

    Kat x

  4. @hannah - You'll love it! :)

    @laura - Thanks!

    @Kat - Thank you too. I will check your blog out now :)

  5. whoa! u love clinique! glad the system works for u~! it's hard to find a great match for everyone's skin.

  6. i love the clarifying lotion as a spot treatment as well!

    i never thought to try clinique for an exfoliator.

    thanks for sharing :)

  7. I really want to try their eye cream, but i'm not sure if the all about eyes will be rich enough for my horribly dry skin, and then i worry that all about eyes rich will make my sensitive skin burn like others do :(


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