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29 April 2010

Miss Selfridge Accessories

I am amazed by the accessories department at Miss Selfridge these days.

So summery & inspiring :)

See anything you like? :)

27 April 2010

My new crush - YSL Gloss Volupte

I purchased the YSL Gloss Volupte a couple of days ago,
and... I AM IN LOVE!

It is a cross between a lipstick and a lipgloss. It is suuuuuper moisturising,
gives a wonderful tint to your lips & smells like watermelon!

YSL states:
The innovative encounter of the sensual texture of a gloss and the irresistibly feminine gesture of applying a lipstick. Translucent as a lollipop, the texture deliciously melts on the lips, giving them a tantalizing shine and tangy colours.

Shade 6 --Preeeeeetty!

I'm definitely getting more colours!

26 April 2010

H & M Glitter Eye Pens

I have found something new that I really like, guys!

It's the glittery eye pens from H & M.
They are £2.99 and come in 6 different colours (as far as I can remember) :
Black, grey, gold, silver, taupe & purple.

On the H & M website it states that these are eyeliners, but they are so soft and creamy that I have been using them as eyeshadows too. But what I tend to do on most days is make a nice thick line on the top lid, which I smudge. They also work brilliantly on the bottom lash line (as on the promo picture above).

They are very pretty and sparkly.
My favourite colours are the gorgeous gold/champagne colour & the crazy purple!! :D

Have you tried these?

25 April 2010

Sunday randomness...

Today has been a pretty boring and rainy sunday - perfect for an Ikea visit, I thought!

I came home with a new bookshelf, candles, some white storage boxes & this:

An adorable little vase and some fake pink flowers :D

They brighten up the whole room - me loves them!

How has your sunday been?

24 April 2010

I am loving...

... my NARS Orgasm blush!

This is so weird, because it is only a few weeks ago that I mentioned in a post on here that I didn't understand the 'Orgasm' hype. And that it didn't work on my skin :(

But this week, for some unknown reason, I decided to give it another chance and I have been wearing it everyday... and it works!! I totally see it now, the fuss that people make over this blush. It is beautiful, and even better,  I can pull it off! Hurrrraaaaaayy! :D

My new spring love

Hope you are all having a fab saturday night, my lovelies!

21 April 2010

McDreamy vs McSteamy

It's almost an impossible choice, but I think I'm slightly more McSteamy these days... :D

Who's your pick?

20 April 2010

H & M Home

In Norway there is a Home section in H & M where they sell really adorable pillows, blankets, bed sets etc.

I want!!

I love cute pillows and teddybears!

Hurry up english H & M website and get ready so that I can order these for my bedroom!!

19 April 2010

Tag: 5 Random Things In My Room

I noticed this tag on youtube yesterday
(Allthatglitters21 started it - watch it!)

So what it basically is, is that you do a post/video on 5 random things
in your room that say something about your personality.

Here's my 5:
1. Old letters from friends

Maybe I have a nostalgic personality, I don't know :)
I just love these so much!

2. Books

Couldn't live without books.
I have a an inquisitive personality ;)

3. Pretty & girly

I love anything that looks visually pretty.
Personality: I'm a girly girl!

4. Audiobooks & DVDs

I grew up listening to audiobooks (before I was old enough to read myself) and that love simply never went away. I'll close my eyes and travel to a different world.

Same with DVDs really. A great way to escape everyday life :)

Personality: Yup, I'm a true dreamer!

5. Noa - the furbaby

Well, he is in my room a lot ;)

Personality: Animal lover

Please do this tag too!

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