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28 June 2010

Free Essie nail polish in Tatler!

If you, like myself, love Essie nail polishes make sure you buy the August issue of Tatler which goes on sale on the 8th of July.

You see, there will be a free Essie polish with the magazine next month! Wooooooo! :D

Here are the 6 polishes you can collect:

Mint Candy Apple
A creme de menthe mint...

Rock Candy
A delightful sweet pink...

A candy cane red...

Flower Girl
A sweet and innocent baby pink...

Yes We Can Pink
A soft sheer pink...

Rock The Croc
A creamy rich brick mahogany...

Tatler retails for £3.99.

I am DEFINITELY getting Mint Candy Apple and a pink polish, but not sure which one yet...

Will you be buying Tatler next month? Which nail polish do you want?


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I have to get Flower Girl!

    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  2. ooo lovely will definitely watch out for this! x

  3. Yah! I mentioned this on my blog too! Must try and get Mint Candy Apple.


  4. I might just buy all 6!

  5. @The Beautiful News - I know, I read it on your blog first :)x

  6. Ooooh exciting i want the first 2 thanks for this xx

  7. Great News.

    Thanks for letting us know.
    Not tried essie before, so ill be getting 1, or 2 or 3. lol


  8. Ooh, these all look gorgeous! Mint Candy Apple FTW I think though.

  9. omg thanks for the heads up! i want the mint candy apple and rock candy or yes we can pink :)

  10. oh it is so nice in the uk to get magazine prizes. i own mint candy apple and LOVE it, my favorite shade!get it!!

  11. Oh, why does this country not have all these magazine freebies?! Mint Candy Apple has been on my eye.
    I do have rock candy and sadly am disappointed in it - this is my only Essie polish so don't know how to compare it to other Essie polishes but it's a jelly formula that takes foreeever to dry. It's super sheer so even with four coats (to make it look decent) the drying time just doesn't seem worth it. Lovely color though - very girly.


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