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9 June 2010

Miranda Kerr

My favourite model. She is adorable, sexy AND on top of that she's got the hottest boyfriend!

Yes, I might just be a little bit jealous... ;)

She has got some really cute outfits and her makeup is amazing!

What do you think of Miranda Kerr?


  1. she is stunning!

    and she´s got orlando..i love him <3

    if they ever have kids...omg these kids must be gorgeous :DD

  2. She looks gorgeous, love her fashion choices as well x

  3. I wouldn't even know who she was if it wasn't for her boyfriend but she does look really pretty in the swimsuit shot :)

  4. I totally agree she is stunning, apparently her background it Australian, Serbian, Iranian, Turkish, Filipino. Her cloths are just gawj <3 x

  5. She is so gorgeous I feel sick!!!

  6. i'd kill for her eyes, legs, dimples...everything! sigh lol

  7. She is really cute looking isnt she.
    Glad you got my parcel ok.
    I got my tendertone from e bay. I hate to buy it from there but i cant get them in many places so didnt have much choice i bid on it and paid £11 so not bad. I adore them xx

  8. so beautiful!! I love that girl!


  9. I also love Miranda! She's so pretty and natural :) My other favourite models are Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima! All victoria secret models :)

  10. I love her so much, haa. I am so jealous of her.

  11. you're not the only one who is jealous. she's stunning! *envy* x


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