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11 June 2010


As some of you know, I love football. Growing up wih a footy mad dad and brother, it was kind of inevitable...

If you can't beat them, join them! :D

The 2010 Fifa World Cup started today, and I am SO excited!

I'm praying that England does well, but keeping an eye on a few other 'eye candy' players out there too ;)

It's not just about the sport though, it's about passion, excitement, friends, unity and just plain FUN!

That's why I will be loving the next 4 weeks :)

Is anybody else here watching the World Cup? If so, who do you support? :)


  1. I'm not :/ i feel left out. lol
    everyone here(where i live) is going for Mexico!

  2. I love the World Cup! I've been watching all day, and I can't wait for the US vs England game tomorrow, it will be so good. I'm rooting for the US, but I know it will be a really good game. My life will revolve around watching all of the games the next few weeks. :)

  3. Yeeeeaaaah England :DD

    Take a look at my Outfit Post later if you want to ;)

    i am wearing my England Leggings :DD

  4. England of course!!!!! I'll be watching :D

  5. I'm not a massive footie fan, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE The World Cup!!! It's so exiting. Come on, England!!! xx

  6. I'm not a big soccer(hey I'm from the US!:) fan but I will be rooting for Australia as well as the US team and can't wait for the game today!

  7. I'm really enjoying the world cup, I love it! look forward to it every 4 years :)

    Come on England!!!


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