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18 June 2010

Stephanie Pratt in WNWN Magazine

I think Stephanie is lovely

I know she's crazy Spencer's sister, but I still like her on The Hills. And she has an amazing body and a really sweet face.

Do you like Stephanie Pratt?


  1. I do like her. She seemed a bit crazy the first time we saw her but she has grown on me and is one of my favourite people on The Hills now! x

  2. Haha, yeah she was a bit...aggressive the first time we saw her :D She's really sweet though. Shame about the family...

  3. I don't know who she is but I like the outfits she's wearing :D

  4. Worlds BEST nose job ever ever ever ever it made her like 1,1032039383982733473x better! She's gorgeous now x

  5. She is definately the better Pratt!

  6. woah she had a nose job? that would explain why she looks different in those pictures.. i think i seriously need to catch up with my hills episodes!

  7. I like the picture of her a lot♥ She is very very pretty ♥

  8. OMG she looks stunning in these pictures, it's amazing how she has turned her life around from drugs and prision to making a great career for herself.

    I do think she has had some work done but if it makes her feel better than good for her. Just as long as she doesn't go as far as Heidi!

    N x

  9. opps! I meant :-)

  10. I like the last picture of her alot! I think she's always playing a victim, bu this season she's been way better. Her personality is more mellow and forgiving. I like her more this year ;)


  11. All of the girls on this show have the most amazing style. I miss Lauren but Lo and Stephanie are lovely too, and Kristin has nice style.

    I awarded you the stylish blogger award on my blog :)


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