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17 June 2010

Retail therapy...

... always makes me feel better when I'm having a rough day/week...

This week's shopping items:

Glamour UK edition (£2) x 3 with £45 worth of Benefit goodies included

Sunglasses from Primark (£1) and blue studded bracelet (£3) from Henry Holland's collection
 - now half price at Debenhams!

The 30 day shred DVD, which all the bloggers are raving about (£6 at Morrisons)
- it's time to get fit :D

A new photo album to put our recent London pictures in (£5 from TK Maxx)

New leopard print scarf from H & M

Jeans (or jeans-like material at least) from Primark with elasticated waist
and the same at the ankles (£11) - cute for summer I thought :)

This definitely made me feel better! Thank you for reading ;)


  1. ooh, let us all know if the 30 day shred works for you! i'm really wanting to try it but i'm not so sure :)

    btw i love that scarf x

  2. Awesome haul, I wish I could afford just a small haul to make me feel better, but that's my problem is not having the money, haha. And I'm so jealous, I want to do the 30 day shred!

  3. great haul :) i really like Henry Holland's collection!

    The DVD is really good, could def feel it the day after legs were hurting for days lol


  4. It's amazing what a little retail therapy does. Love the trousers and the bangle especially xx

  5. I got all 3 Benefit pencils! Amazing buys!

  6. I LOVE Jillian Michaels <3 That scarf is so cute too! :)

  7. Awesome!! I wish I live in the UK so I can buy the magazines :(

  8. OoOoOoOO Here in Spain these regalitos do not meet on the magazines: (, I want!!!!

  9. oooooh the shred! i am obsessed with it. it really really works!

    even though I want the Benefit goodies, I can't bring myself to buy Glamour mag, I find it awful! :(

  10. I've been all over London looking for the Benefit pencils! I finally hunted down a couple of Bad Gal's this morning Yay!

    The photo album is so pretty!

  11. @Becky - Glad to hear it works! It's pretty tough though, my legs and arms are aching already!! :D

    Buy Glamour anyway (just give the magazine to somebody else). The products are lovely!! For £2 it's SO worth it :)

  12. i was looking in primark for the sunglasses but they seemed to only have patterned ones.. i'm gonna hunt around! And i loveee the henry holland bracelet - so cool!

    im kinda new to blogging so i'd love it if you stopped by mine :)


  13. I may have to get that Jillian Micheals dvd asap! lol


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