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17 October 2010

Updated makeup storage using my new MUJI drawers!

I owe you all a HUGE thank you for your tips on my Blogger Help post the other day.

A lot of people told me to go and look at the MUJI website, and sure enough there they were, the storage drawers that I have been hunting for!

I tracked down the shop (in the Trafford Centre, for those of you living near Manchester)
and purchased a set of 4 double drawers (£7.95 each).

I am SO happy with them, but of course I waaaaaaaay underestimated the amount of drawers I need to house all of my makeup, so I need to take another trip to MUJI and buy some more soon :)

Anyway, for now I am using the clear drawers for my everyday/go-to makeup of the moment,
as it is so easy to find and organise.

Some pictures:

Now I just need to buy drawers enough to store all of my blushes, which are still kept in the old box...

And the remaining face and eye products that I don't normally use on an everyday basis...

I will probably need another 5-6 double drawers :D

How do you store your makeup?


  1. Those draws look really good and you have a gorgeous collection :)


  2. These drawers look fab! Funnily enough I've just done a post about my make up storage:


  3. I have the same drawers as you but I think I need to get some more as I only bought 1 and everything is squashed into them! You have a amazing make-up collection by the way! I'm very jealous! xxx

  4. Great I could help :-P
    I love MUJI. I also have their acrylic square tray with loads of compartments for my jewellery and some some desk organiser for my brushes.
    For those who don't have Muji nearby...I also discovered the "same" drawers you are showing here in Rayman and in Hombase but they are cheaper in Muji. XXXX

  5. Thanks for sharing your collection with us! Maybe I should go pick up some Muji drawers myself :)

  6. You have a nice collection! So organized too! I love those clear drawers! I store my makeup in drawers too, the mobile 6 drawers and some in my makeup vanity drawer, and those little drawers from target.

  7. Hi!
    I'm going to Manchester next week and I'm staying near the Trafford Centre. What are the shops there like? Is the city centre better for shopping? I'm really looking forward to it. :)

  8. @M - They pretty much have all the shops you need in the Trafford Centre (no need to go to town, unless you want to of course). Topshop, River Island, New Look, H&M, Selfridges (MAC), John Lewis +++. It is HUGE so you'll need a few hours to get around the whole centre :) Enjoy!

  9. Love muji drawers, i recently did a post on make-up storage and have similar ones from muji, I started out with smaller ones and had to upgrade to the wider drawers! Am a new follower! x

  10. Thanks! I'm so excited!! :)

  11. Muji drawers look great! :) you have a nice collection!

  12. Wow I love these drawers! They are so clean looking and cute :D Good job on organizing your makeup!! heehee

  13. lovely stash <3 I have quite a few similar products with your stash too!

    just got some muji small containers the other day and loved them <3

  14. Your blush collection. Oh. My. Gosh.

  15. the storage set up you have looks beautiful! and i love how organized everything is!!

  16. @ Tash - I know. I have a problem :D Luuuuuuv blushes!!

  17. Looks so sleek. The MAC drawer is so pretty!

  18. I might be obsessed with this post, and by might I mean am =)

  19. love it! i am definitely buying myself some of these muji drawers. quick question - in the 6th pic you have a pic of a gold mac item - what is it? x

  20. @Anonymous - It's a MAC mineralized eyeshadow in Bright Side/Gallery Gal.

  21. I love your makeup collection! I know this is a very old post but I was googling the Muji drawers and this came up. :)


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