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17 April 2010

Whitney Port's makeup favourites

This is (apparently) some of the makeup that Whitney Port loves :)

I.D. Minerals Foundation

Bronzing duo from Laura Mercier

NARS blush in Orgasm

Fresh Supernova mascara

Chanel Hydrabase in Coco Pink

Cargo Lipstick in Pink Eve
(designed by Whitney herself)

Inspirational :)


  1. God her hair is gorgeous! I'm going to try that lsat hairstlye :D

  2. Whitney is so gorgeous and looks so naturally beautiful.

  3. Great post, I like Whitney and The Hills/City haha! It's fun to know what products celebrities like.

  4. i love whitney!! Shes soooo nice and natural!!

  5. i love her hair:D
    and that chanel lipstick is really nice.

  6. I love Whitney Port! I think that I read on her website/blog thing that she also loves Benefit Coralista! xo

  7. i love whitney! she's so pretty and so down to earth :)

  8. Ha I must be the only one that does not like her at all! Nice products thou :)

  9. Whitney is so chic and classy :) i love her! great post!

  10. Your blog is pretty! whitney has a great personality to go with the looks!

    come check out and follow my fashion blog!

  11. @Caitlin - She must like peach blushes :)

  12. She looks absolutely gorgeous. She rocks the natural makeup look:)

  13. oh gosh.
    your blog makes me so happy inside!
    all the pretty little trinkets and vibrant colours rock my world.
    your blog is so feminine and delightful
    Thankyou for being wonderful!

  14. @lauren carney - Thank you so much!! xxx

  15. Im The Biggest Whitney Lover Everrr x-33333 !!!!!!! I have love'd whitney the first time she walk'd in the teen vogue, when lauren was looking whitney like: " whos that?"


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