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20 June 2010


I seriously can't get enough of Stephanie Pratt these days... I'm suffering from body envy deluxe!

She truly works hard on keeping fit though, and seeing these pictures from a recent 'Muscle Milk Retreat' workout makes me want to get super fit myself :)

Right. I need her body! Time to do the 30 day shred, me thinks... ;)

Oooooo, and I love her nails!


  1. Ha ha.. body envy deluxe! You crack me up.
    Don't's not healthy woman. Just embrace your body and make minor changes according to the seasons :-P.
    Your pics compilations are one of the best ones...I love them.

  2. I need her body, too.
    Great pictures:)

    LOVE, minnja

  3. ohmygodd.. SO jealous of her body :(
    this makes me wanna work out so badly!

  4. I'm so jealous of girls like her and LC and the like who have the time to spend as long as they like in the gym and eating sensible food - it's just not as easy for normal people to fit it in around having actual jobs!

  5. she's absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. @Mercedes - I know. When I get obsessed, I get OBSESSED! These pictures work as great inspiration and motivation though ;)

  7. ha i was doing workouts like that on my fitness ball last night. really trying to tone up my legs and add a little more to my stomach.

    this are very inspirational i agree! steph has great legs! i think i have a new target :) xx

  8. ok why am i not dying over her?? for starters she has make up on for her workout. and i think she looks a little bland/barbie... hmmm. but - defo agree - awesome figure.

  9. Makes me want to exercise, which can't be a bad thing!

  10. She has a great figure but like you say she obviously works at it xx


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