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6 June 2010


(Picture from Nailene's look book - very inspirational!)

I received an amazing package in the post the other day from the company Nailene.

They asked me to try some of their products, and seeing as I have literally NO experience with acrylic nails, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to try something new.

Here is what Nailene so very generously sent me:

Now, to be honest, I was rather nervous about applying the nails. For some reason I expected it to be very complicated, but all I needed to do was follow the extremely simple instructions on the back of the nail package and voila!

Each package comes with 24 glue on nails, a small tube of glue, a white manicure stick and a buffer.

First I buffed the nail clean and pushed back the cuticles. Then I applied glue to the artifical nail and some on my natural nail, pressed the nail on and held it there firm for about 30 seconds.

It couldn't have been easier! :D

I also played around with the nail art I was sent, putting a cute little summery flower on my thumbs ;)

I've had so many compliments on my nails this weekend, as I usually have just plain, short nails with nail polish on! I definitely could get used to wearing acrylic nails. My nails look so healthy and glamorous :)

You find Nailene in both ASDA and Boots. The Nailene So Natural set that I am wearing on the picture retails for £6.99 at Boots and the Bedazzle Nail Art sets are £4.99 (for over 100 stickers or rhinestones).

I have had my nails on for 4 days so far, and they still look flawless - me happy! :)

Have you tried any of Nailene's products? What did you think?


  1. These look so good! I've never tried them, but I'd love to :) x

  2. These look soo real - I have been looking at these for a while but there are so many to chose from. I got some toe nails ones by Elegant touch and just done a post on my blog about them (really like them)- please have a look.
    I will get some of the finger ones this week - thanks :)

  3. They look really natural on you. I bet you will end up wearing them all the time now xx

  4. The nails look very natural, I might try them. The Earth Angel nail art stickers look really pretty also! xx


  5. Thanks guys! I'm really loving them! :)

  6. LOVE IT!!! Simple yet elegant =P


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