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24 May 2010

Pacey or Dawson?

I was always Pacey all the way :D

I'm in a phase at the moment where I'm obsessed with collecting tv series that I grew up loving.

I have come up with a list of the ones that I need to have:

My So-Called Life
Dawson's Creek (own season 1)
Gilmore Girls (own season 1 & 2)
Sex and the City
Ally McBeal
The OC (own season 1 &2)

I got My So-Called Life the other month, just completed my Friends collection a few days ago, and today Dawson's Creek arrived!

Nawwww, they look so cute! 

I was always a huge Pacey fan, faithfully rooting for him and Joey.
It took them a while, but they got there in the end :)

So, Pacey or Dawson? ;)


  1. No contest...Pacey! Dawson was such a wet lettuce!!

    I love my So Called Life...I was madly in love with Jordan Catalano/Jared Leto when I was 14! :) *swoons*

  2. Definitely Pacey! I frequently wanted to slap Dawson.

    I love watching all those shows I watched when I was a teenager. So fun!

  3. Easy - Pacey!! Even as like a 12 year old I could see that Dawson was a drip.

    Loved My So Called Life, I even dyed my hair red like hers! x

  4. I completely love Dawson's Creek!!!

    Definitely a Pacey fan.
    Dawson was so boring. Ugh!

  5. pacey definitely, josh jackson is still pretty hot in fringe!

  6. Ooh what a blast from the past!
    I absolutely love Gilmore Girls and The OC and always remember watching Dawson's Creek on Channel 5... I definitely want to own them all one day too :)
    It's very tricky. Looking back I'd say Pacey but at the time I think I fell for Dawson - who could resist that blonde floppy hair??

  7. Pacey!! He is soo cute. I watch the series "Fringe" and he looks so handsome!

  8. Ahh such a nostalgic little post :) love all these shows, mind you watching them nowadays makes me wonder if actually understood/appreciated the story lines when I was only in my early teens. The dawsons creek theme tune is absolutely epic! :D xx

    joshua jackson is so yum:)
    canada represent!

  10. Pacey ftw! I really need to re-watch the series, I barely remember anything from it :(

  11. Pacey! Lol.

    I've nominated you for a blog award! :)

  12. Haha, so most of us prefer Pacey :)

    I love that so many used to watch 'My So-Called Life' too!


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