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4 May 2010

My Favourite Necklaces

I have a few necklaces that I seem to use over and over, so I must love them more than the rest!

Looking through my collection, my favourites tend to be fairly simple looking gold/silver long chained necklaces, and I thought it would be fun to take some pictures and show you guys :)

In no particular order...

A silver fairy...

Silver heart from Tiffany & Co...

A gold leaf from Oasis...

A massive gold heart from Miss Selfridge...

My 'love' necklace from Accessorize...

A gold 'ball' also from Accessorize...

Flower ball from H & M...

These are definitely my favourites. They go with pretty much anything from casual daywear to fancy evening dress :)

I would love to see/hear what your favourite necklaces are...? :)


  1. oh how lovely! I love the flower ball and the golden ball!!!

  2. Great necklace collection at the moment I really like my turquoise and silver cross necklace that I got from ebay.


  3. Loving the fairy! I'm a fairy fanatic hehe. The Gold leaf I also loved! great jewelry :-)

  4. My necklaces are very similar, I go for simple pendants, especially lockets. I have some sort of obession with lockets. I do like to try making pendants out of every day objects like keys or clock faces.

  5. Really really like that flower ball from h&m!


  6. All your necklaces are so pretty! :)

  7. I love EVERYTHING!!! It all looks like stuff I would buy.. we obviously have excellent taste.

  8. i love the fairy and the golden ball very cute :)

  9. oooh all so so pretty! Very jealous of your collection hehe xx

  10. I have the silver Tiffany heart♥

  11. Love the gold ball and the fairy :3

  12. I really like the gold ball one!! cute<3


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