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2 May 2010

Possibly the world's funniest cat!

Just watch him! :D


Reminds me of another little cheeky cat that I know...

Noa - the furbaby

Have a splendid day!


  1. Aww I know I love these videos, esp the box diving :) haha I'm glad I'm not the only person who spends my days watching cat videos on youtube... xxx

  2. @Star Light - I know!!

    @Ariel - I can spend hours watching cute little videos like this! Makes me smile :)

  3. Haha aw bless, this made me smile! Do you ever go on the website Cute Overload? It is full of pictures and videos like this, but all different kinds of animals. You have to check it out! :) xx

  4. Cats are so funny ^^
    The first one is a paperhead cat :')

  5. This is soo cute! I loved those videos! Wish I had a kitten now! xxx

  6. the last one actually make me laugh so much hahahaa! so cauuteee!x

  7. Hahaha he looks like a jack in the box :)

  8. haha the last two are great. It's so chubby & cute!

  9. Awwwsh such an adorable curious kitty.
    That 2nd video is my favourite, the way he sprawls out on his tummy haha!
    He's a chubby cat too <3
    I love cats & cat videos

    Your kitty looks like a curious one as well

  10. I want Noa and crazy paperbag cat!

  11. Super cute! The second video made me laugh so much :P


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