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29 May 2010

Clinique, Body Shop & a girly book...

Happy Saturday shopping, darlings!

So I finally got my hands on the yummy Clinique bonus gift at House of Fraser!

I  have to say I am most excited about the makeup bits
as I already own two of the skincare items.

The Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher in Almond Blossom (comes with a cute brush too!) is divine. It gives me the most gorgous healthy bronzed glow!

♥ The High Impact Curling Mascara looks interesting... I haven't tried it yet, but it's definitely going on first thing tomorrow morning.

Long Last Glosswear in Bonfire is a very pretty deep red.


In order to get the free gift, I had to buy two or more Clinque skincare or makeup items. It was the last day of the offer, and unfortunately the shelves were a bit empty (baaaaad House of Fraser!), so Turnaround Serum was sold out :(

Had to do some quick thinking, and instead went with one of the items on my wishlist and one sensible back up...

I already have a big bottle of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, but it is almost empty and instead of trying a new moisturizer, I decided to get a back-up as I am really happy with my Dramatically Different. It makes my face super smooth and non-greasy :)

I also went to Body Shop...

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in 06. Gorgeous neutral eyeshadow palette.

Finally I stumbled across a book with loads of good tips and pretty pictures in it...

Coleen's Real Style

I have always found Coleen pretty, and I adore her outfits!

I haven't actually read the book yet (only just got home 2 hours ago), but on browsing through it
it looks like it's filled with great tips and inspirational pictures - not bad for £1.99 :D

What did you think of my Saturday shopping? :)


  1. Wow..amazing Clinique Stuff..i am really jelous :P

    Oh and i have the same Body Shop Cubes..they are amazing!!

  2. I think you got some lovely pieces!

    I too think Coleen is very pretty, I love her smile and girlie style... Oh that Rhymes.... fancy!

    lol xx

  3. Let me know that the fake tan from clinique is like!xxxx

  4. @Star-Light: That great to hear! Can't wait to use it :)

    @Kirsty: Haha, it did rhyme!

    @Jennifer: Will do :)

  5. I remember buying that book for alotttt more haha! XO

  6. what a great offer !! i am interested in a lot of the skin care products you mentioned in your last post, i dont own enough clinique.

    The Shimmering Stripes Powder Blush looks really nice

  7. oh what a great gift with purchase! the blush, mascara, and lip gloss all look very good!

  8. love it! i'm a huge Clinique girl too - the 7 day scrub is amazing! great post xoxo

  9. The Body Shop shimmer cubes look so cute! :3

  10. I'm glad you managed to get the gift it's a shame that clinique has sold out of turnaround. I love the high impact mascara as well xx

  11. @Nicoletta - I'll get the Turnaround next time there is a freebie gift ;)

  12. Oo that book looks good, where did you buy it? xx

  13. In some strange little shop in the Arndale Centre, Manchester. Can't remember the name... They sell art stuff, books & cd's :)

  14. How did you like the self tan lotion!! Let us know!!!!


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