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25 May 2010

Clinique wishlist...

I love Clinique, especially their skin care range. My skin just can't get enough of it! I'm already a devoted fan of the 3 step system, and I own quite a few different Clinique products (9 all together - I counted! :D), but recently I find myself craving more...

Looking through their website this afternoon, I think I have found some new (to me!) products that look interesting...

Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream

And if I buy 2 of these products from House of Fraser, I get this great free gift!

I adore the Clinique mini sets, such a great way to discover new products. The Almond Blossom blusher looks devine, and I'd love to try that self-sun...

Now I just need to settle on 2 of the above products...

So I was wondering if any of you could recommend either of them?
I'd love to hear some reviews before I run out and buy :)


  1. hi there hun!

    i really love your blog! very interesting. I wanted to try those ones too! hope yo could follow my blog as well!! THANKS SO MUCH u have a new follower now.

  2. Oh wow the free gift looks great, I really want to try the even better skin tone correcting moisturising spf 20. I cant reccomend any though has H havn't tried them. xx

  3. My sister in law uses the redness solutions. She has rosacea and this line is the only one that controlls it ;-)

  4. ooo i absolutely adore clinique's mini sets :) Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything to you since I haven't tried any of the products that you mentioned... but Holly on youtube has a few videos on dark spot corrector ->!v=TAVfRdR5K5w&playnext_from=TL&videos=MtWvTo6F1iU

    hope this helps!

  5. I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  6. wow everything sounds so good! They have created that new redness line I really want to try ><
    I love the turn around cream. It made my skin so SOFT and helps promotes new skin generation so old skin ( with acne marks ) gets turned over faster.
    I want to try the even better dark spot corrector, bc the original formula was slooooooooooow

  7. Thanks for your opinions, guys! I think I'll have to get more than 2 items, I really can't pick at the moment. I want them all!

  8. I've tried their self tanner formula and it turns me orange. I'm also WAY pale. lol


  9. The turnaround cream is amazing. I worked for clinique for 3 years but a lot of the products you have picked are new so i dont know too much about them but the turnaround is great for really brightning your skin and making it soft and pores less visable. Also it last quite well and you only need to use it once a day.
    As for the others they all sound nice. I have used the take the day off and although it's nice it isn't anything special in my opinion well not for the price anyway.
    The gift looks really nice this time. Let us know what you end up getting xx

  10. Nice tip, Nicoletta! I really, REALLY want the Turnaround now! Please let me know if yo can recommend any other Clinique products (not mentioned above) too :)


  11. I have tried Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk and Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer.
    Love them both. But i recommend you to think first what is your skin concerns before buying them.

  12. Hi again thanks for the comment on my blog. The cleanser i love the most from clinique is take the day off balm. It s like a solid oil which melts on contact with the skin. It removes all makeup including waterproof mascara. I masage it into my skin and then remove with warm wet muslin cloths and it leaves your skin really glowing.
    Another product i wouldnt be without is moisture surge extra. It is really hydrating and moisturising but without any greasiness.
    I also love the blusher in lotus its a really pretty coral/ pink and very flattering on everyone i have seen try it on.
    My list goes on and on but to be honest it depends on your skin type to which products you will like best. If i can be of any help just give me a shout. xx

  13. Hi again thanks for the comment on my blog there are loads of other things i could recommend depending on your skin type. I love the take the day off cleansing balm. It's like a solid oil which melts on skin contact. I massage it in really well then remove with hot water on muslin cloths and it really makes your skin glow. It even takes off waterproof mascara and the pot lasts for ages. Another great product is the moisture surge extra it's brilliant for dehydrated skin it seems to plump up your skin and leaves it really refreshed and moisturised but without any greasiness at all.
    Just let me know if i can help any more.
    I might do a little post soon about my favourite 5 skincare and favourite 5 cosmetics from clinique. xx

  14. Thank you, Nicoletta!! Yes, you HAVE to do a Top 5 Clinique skincare and makeup post!! That would be so interesting to read!


  15. great post - iv heard good things about clinique x

  16. Great stuff!

    Do check out my CSN gift certificate of $60 Giveaway.

    Thank you!


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