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1 April 2010

My So-Called Life

After reading about Henry Holland's inspiration for his latest collection at Debenhams (read my post on this HERE), I decided I wanted to track down My So-Called Life.

I used to be SO obsessed with this show (and in particular, Jordan Catalano), and I thought it only right that I should own the DVD. I expected it to be kind of pricey, but to my great joy I found the complete series on Amazon for only £6.99 (including shipping)!! For all 19 episodes (Question: Why did they stop after only 19 episodes?!)

Anyway, yeeeeeeey, totally bargain of the month!! :D

Can't wait to sit down and relive my teens & reignite my love for Jordan Catalano ;)

Did you watch My So-Called Life back in 94/95? :)


  1. yes!Used to love this show, and had the biggest crush on jordan!!Also have this dvd collection, haha! xxx

  2. mm yes I think I did. I couldn't tell you anything about the programme though, just the pics looks familiar lol

  3. @Ulrika - Hihi, you and me both!

    @Claire - Do you not remember Jordan? Shocking! :D

  4. Oh yes! I remember my so called life! <3 Jared leto! :)


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