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19 April 2010

Tag: 5 Random Things In My Room

I noticed this tag on youtube yesterday
(Allthatglitters21 started it - watch it!)

So what it basically is, is that you do a post/video on 5 random things
in your room that say something about your personality.

Here's my 5:
1. Old letters from friends

Maybe I have a nostalgic personality, I don't know :)
I just love these so much!

2. Books

Couldn't live without books.
I have a an inquisitive personality ;)

3. Pretty & girly

I love anything that looks visually pretty.
Personality: I'm a girly girl!

4. Audiobooks & DVDs

I grew up listening to audiobooks (before I was old enough to read myself) and that love simply never went away. I'll close my eyes and travel to a different world.

Same with DVDs really. A great way to escape everyday life :)

Personality: Yup, I'm a true dreamer!

5. Noa - the furbaby

Well, he is in my room a lot ;)

Personality: Animal lover

Please do this tag too!


  1. Loved reading this tag :) My cat lives in my room too and I love pretty things :) XO

  2. I saw this video too, great idea! You have a cute room too!

  3. I love the last picture of the cat! =)

  4. oh what a cute idea! I think I'll do this as well!

  5. You have such gorgeous things! I keep all my letters from my friends too! I have so many from as young as 7, I love getting them all out and reading them! Yours are all wrapped up so cute!

    Oh my goodness! Noa is soooooooo adorable! I love their curiosity, whenever I get ready in the moring there's always a big kitty cat getting hairs all over my clothes hehe I can't be angry cause he's just too cute!

    Such a cute tag! I wish I had pretty stuff to show.. our rooms just a boys plain room at the moment :| xx

  6. aww your cat is so cute, I love vera wang princess perfume too xx

  7. I loved reading this...every girl needs a furbaby! LOL

    What is it about cats and drawers? Mine (Mrs. Cat - God rest her furry soul) used to show a special interest in my sock drawer - she even had a special favourite fluffy pink sock that she'd carry round and treat like a kitten! :)

  8. so so fun! that's such a cool idea to do five things that show who you are, through your room! so awesome. xoxox

  9. Your cat is amazing hahaha! Great post :)

  10. Your cat is the cutest, I love it when they find the cosiest of places to sleep

  11. I love the fact that your room is pink and girly!!You have a lovely nostalgic room!!!

  12. @Jane, Ladybug, Allie, Daisybee, Jo, Cara & Alice (phhhu!) - Thank you so much for your kind words!

    @Sarah - Yes, please do. I'd love to read it!!

    @Kirsty - I love re-reading all of the old letters too (especially the ones with the secret writing hehe).

    I get hairs all over my clothes too! When I wear black, I have white fur everywhere! But, like you said, we don't get mad at our little furbabies ;)

    I'm sure you have 5 fun things you can show us! Do the tag, pretty pleeeeeease!! :D

    @Ms Wedgie - You are so right! Furbabies are the best!! :)

    Mrs Cat sounds like a lot of fun :D Noa doesn't get in the sock drawer, just the bottom one with all of my scarves, which he will pull out one by one...


  13. That last picture of your cat is way too adorable:) my cat is always in my room too! xx

  14. I love anything pretty, pink, and girly too! :-)

  15. OMG your cat is adorable! I'm new to your site, I love it! check out my makeup site!


  16. :o oh no she di'int!!... you did not did not just pretty Please me.......... Well I'm just going to have to now! haha xx

  17. Aww your kittyyyy :3
    & I like the letters. Nostalgia is one of the best feelings in the world!

  18. This is a great tag! I love the jewellery boxes and DVDs :) I might nick it off you if that's ok :)

  19. Cool blog. I love the photos of the letters, they look so cute!!

  20. I just did this tag over on my blog:

    :) xx

  21. Really cute blog :) I watched allthatglitters21's vlog too and thought I should blog the tag. Glad I'm not alone!

  22. The photo of your books looks like my bookshelf. I have that cupcake as a bookend, I was confused for a second then haha. I thought I was looking at a photo of my own room :)



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