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2 April 2010

The Kind Diet

As I'm sure many of you know, Alicia Silverstone is a well known animal rights activist and vegetarian.

Well, she has recently come out with a book explaining why she lives the way she does and how.
The book is called The Kind Diet.

I got it yesterday and I spent the afternoon reading it, all of it.

It is incredibly informative, inspirational & fun! She really speaks to the reader, sharing her own personal experiences and advice.

Stating that going vegan is the best thing she has ever done for her body, skin, soul & even the planet, Alicia makes it all sound like such a no brainer.

Wouldn't hurt to try, right? Alicia promises a new healthy glow in 2 weeks, so we'll see :)

If you are at all interested in becoming a vegan or just curious about how Alicia (and other gorgeous celebrities) look so healthy & gorgeous, I suggest you check out this book!

I The Kind Life


  1. hey thanks for sharing ! really love ur post ^^

  2. So interesting! You've made me curious now, I might have to go and get this!


  3. Being a vegetarian myself, I would be interested in this book. Thanks for the reference~~

  4. I'm already a vegetarian, but I always thought about going vegan...but i love my dairy. :(

  5. I've been vegetarian all my life and its really not that hard! Especially with the tofu substitutes, its easy and healthy!
    But I am lactose intolerant, so no dairy for me :( I've never liked milk much but it does become difficult when you are out with friends and they want to get pizza!

  6. I have this book! It's awesome. I've been veggie since I was 7 but this inspired me to try being vegan. :)

  7. Even if you are already vegetarian, I suggest that you check out this book. It talks about quitting dairy & refined sugar too :)


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