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4 April 2010

A humble haul :)

I got a few things yesterday, and of course I have to share it with my lovely subscribers!

Necklace from H & M (£2.99)

Set of 6 rings also from H & M (£2.99)
I got this set mainly to get my hands on 1 ring in particular that I just HAD to have:
Blue elephants! Ring heaven :D

Flower ring from Primark (£2)

Exfoliating sponge from Bodyshop (£3)

MAC Liberty of London Beauty Powder in Summer Rose (£19.50)

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Love the elephantring, adorable! Great finds!xxx

  2. I love the nacklace but the elephant ring is just adorable!! I need that as well!!

    lovely blog by the way!

  3. The Elephant ring is too cute~ Never heard of Ring Heaven though :(

  4. @Eden - A blue elephant ring is my idea of ring heaven :) x

  5. Lovely stuff, I adore the necklace and enamel ring.

  6. Great finds...I love the dragon fly necklace, very pretty!

  7. the elephant ring is my favorite item !! its so cute
    that blush is beautiful. thanks for sharing :)

  8. love the ring and the blush is really nice too. Glad I came across your blog. Have a lovely day. xoxo

  9. thank you so much! the beauty powder is totally on my must have list!

    lovely blog <3

  10. Such pretty jewels - I love that elephant ring!

  11. Cute blog! I really like the blue elephant ring...very different! How do you like the beauty powder in summer rose? I have it in shell pearl and I LOVE it!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog

  12. Summer Rose is amazing!! The perfect pink :)

  13. oooh im loving the mac powder! not sure its my kind of colour but may just have to but for the packaging..ha

    p.s gorgeous blog (new follower here :-D)



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