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13 April 2010

The most beautiful little trinket box!

I found this in TK Maxx the other day and I am just in love with it!

Cute little owls & with a pink bow on it - It just had to be mine!

And inside the box came...

...a cup! :D

Not bad for £3.99 ;)


  1. thats way too cute!!! I love owls!!! Where is it from??

  2. Aww this is so cute! I love TKMAXX you can find so many great bargains in there :D

  3. thats very cute, and even a nicer surprise at the fact its got a matching cup inside :) gotta love tkmaxx. its home stuff can be really good! x

  4. Thats really cute. Sometimes tkmaxx does surprise me, i never really want to go into mine all the clothes are messy but the home stuff looks god.

  5. @Tunics - TK Maxx :)

    @Lisa - I know! You have to look through a lot of...well, crap to be honest, but then you'll find some incredible stuff sometimes. Love it!

    @Rogue - Home stuff is my favourite too ;)

    @Lisa - I know, it can be a bit off putting with it being so messy. But it's worth it when you find a bargain ;)

    @Laura - Thanks! :)

  6. Oh my goodyness! That's an adorable little box! The fact it has a mug too is just.. too much! haha. I love boxes, My boyfriend gets annoyed with my collection of them lol! xx

  7. That is so cute!!
    Love the print on the box and the cup<3

  8. @Deanna - Me too!!

    @Kirsty - Haha, I collect them too! My boyfriends says I don't have enough things to put in them all, but I always find something... :D

  9. that's so cute :) i love owls. what're you going to keep in it? xx

  10. Sooo cute! I always forget that TK Maxx has a home bit and then get over excited and spend too much money when I rediscover it again!

  11. This is so cute! I love owls.

  12. really really cute things you've bought!

  13. The cup is soooooooooo cute!!! I love little things like that, they just put a smile on my face!
    I went to TK Maxx at stanley green in cheadle and they had loads of moschino and a some blumarine ball gowns. I was drooling over all of it for some time but then my mum dragged me to the shoe section where she had found stella Mcartney sandels!!!
    Rianna Bethany xxxx

  14. That's so cute and girly! I love it! :-)

  15. @abbzzw - I've ended up putting all of my 'big' rings in it :)


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