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26 April 2010

H & M Glitter Eye Pens

I have found something new that I really like, guys!

It's the glittery eye pens from H & M.
They are £2.99 and come in 6 different colours (as far as I can remember) :
Black, grey, gold, silver, taupe & purple.

On the H & M website it states that these are eyeliners, but they are so soft and creamy that I have been using them as eyeshadows too. But what I tend to do on most days is make a nice thick line on the top lid, which I smudge. They also work brilliantly on the bottom lash line (as on the promo picture above).

They are very pretty and sparkly.
My favourite colours are the gorgeous gold/champagne colour & the crazy purple!! :D

Have you tried these?


  1. I have tried once a normal black Eyeliner by H&M and it was not very good :(

    But these look good because they are a little bit bigger..i think i am gonna try them ;)

  2. They used to do some the same these years ago and I bought the blue one and I still use it to this day! It's so soft and sparkly. x

  3. Pretty! I have not tried them, but they look so lovely!


  4. @Star-Light: I think these are better because they are bigger, like you said. They are quite good for the prize :)

    @Lauren: They did? I didn't know that! Sound like it's a good product indeed, if you still use yours :)

    @Cara: Try them! For £2.99 you can't really go wrong ;)

  5. Ooooh they do look purtyful! I think I'm going to get the purple, I'd love to do a pretty purple eye look! xx

  6. They look fab, and such a good price!

  7. the second silvery one is utterly gorgeous xx

  8. Are they available in the US???
    I would love to try them!! They seem perfect for spring-summer!!

  9. ooh nicee... i don't think these are available in the US yet are they?

  10. oh !! how gorgeous !! No H&M in hawaii :[

  11. Im having a Lush giveaway for my fellow beauty lovers at:

  12. Not sure of they are available in the US... Maybe they are just in europe? :(

  13. No H&M in Australia either :(
    do these compare to NYX JEP?

    Lovely blog btw ^.^

  14. actually Ive tried (have) both the black and the lilac... they are pretty good..

  15. I tried the champagne and the turquoise...and they are really pretty, the only problem is that they have a lot of glitter, and if you used it without a prebasic eye then you will have glitter in all your face... (sorry my english im from Spain).

    By the way, I love your blog! =D

  16. @marie Vanille - Yeah, they are quite glittery, but I like that. Especially for a night out ;)

  17. I have the silvery-white one, it's quite pretty I put a little on the inner corner of my eyes for an everyday look to open them up. It's rather noticable and PACKED with glitter. I'm very impressed. It's also very blendable which makes it so easy to use too. =) The light colours are lovely for a pop of everyday drama and the darker colorus would be divine layered over eyeshadows!


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