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10 April 2010

Beauty Product Tag: Youtube Made Me Do It

Some of  my favourite products (even holy grail products), have been discovered through watching makeup gurus on youtube.

When you see rave after rave about a product, you just can't help but get a bit curious...
So, being a makeup addict, I run out and buy. Sometimes I get seriously disappointed (see my Don't Believe The Hype post), other times it can be a product that I have loved from day one.

I don't think my makeup collection would be as big, or as beautiful, if it had not been for the gurus on youtube... So I thank you :)

MAC Lipstick in Angel
I first heard about this from the famous Elle or AllThatGlitters21.

It was her favourite lipstick (this is going back a few years now), and I was so intrigued by her 'kind words' that I got it too. And I am very happy I did. Angel is a beautiful wearable pink. A staple in my collection.

Too Faced Beauty Balm
Again, this was bought based on a video made by Elle and lollipop26.
They both loved this, and now I do too! 

It is the kind of product that I would never have discovered if it was not for youtube.

MAC Mineralize Blush
This is Dainty and Love Rock - two absolutely stunning blushes.

Elle did a tutorial (a vampire one if I remember correctly) using Dainty, and I was sold. Through Dainty I discovered the other mineralized blushes, and now I am the happy owner of 7 of them :)

MAC Paint Pots
I never knew that these could be used as eyeshadow bases! I just had one sitting in my makeup drawer rarely being used. Then came along a youtube guru (can't remember which one) and brought new life to my dear Bare Study ♥

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Another product that I probably wouldn't have known about of it wasn't for youtube.

Makes the eyeshadow last all day - perfection.

Ecotools brushes
I first heard about these brushes from michele1218.

She mentioned how soft they were, much softer than MAC brushes, which got me curious. I found these a few months later in Tesco, and she was right.!They are super soft and now my new favourite brushes.

Urban Decay 24/7 liners
A lof of gurus rave about these amazingly soft liners. They are all right, of course :)

Benefit Thrrrob blush and Boiing concealer
Benefit have some great products, and having tried my fair share of them (with both failure and success), I have found some wonderful holy grail makeup that I always keep in my makeup bag.

Both being used in makeup tutorials on youtube, these two caught my attention early on. Thrrrob is a gorgeous pale pink blush & Boiing is a seriously solid concealer.

Soap & Glory
It's not just makeup products that I have discovered on youtube. Soap & Glory has been mentioned a few times too. I eventually decided to check out some of their produts...and fell in love, like so many others.

Lush Bubblebars
Everybody deserves to know the luxury of a lush product. The pampering and soothing effect goes beyong any bath product I have ever tried before.

I think almost all of the makeup gurus on youtube have mentioned Lush at some point. I'm sure they have made Lush a lot of money ;)

What have you discovered through youtube?


  1. I have discovered soo much through youtube - it's basically fuelled my entire passion for make up! p.s love your blog, just been going back through your entries :)

  2. I discovered the whole beauty community through watching youtube videos, I saw links for blogs plus links for other youtube gurus which just made me search for more and more people to watch and read their blog.

    After reading this post I now need Angel lipstick and some mineralize blushes!! Haha x

  3. I just love your posts!! :) By the way how much are the Eco tools? Have heard so much about them, they look really good; x

  4. @SabraRose - Angel is beautiful!

    @Kirsty - The bigger brushes, like powder & blush are £6-11. They are soooooo soft!!

  5. I am in love with my EcoTools brushes though I didn't discover it through YouTube but just by browsing and bought them on a whim.
    But by watching Youtube I discovered Nars Orgasm, which I fell in love with and I know you did a post on it. x:
    love your blog

  6. I have Angel, UDPP, Barestudy, and Boiing! It looks like we have a few of the same favorites =)

  7. I think it's really good when people do these blogs because it's great to get another persons opinion on a product before you decide to splurge on it :)
    p.s, i love your blog, i've just started following it. please follow me?


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