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2 April 2010

Like. Love. Hate.

Yey, another fun tag!!

I was tagged by the irresistible Kirsty
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Fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video.

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I like trees with millions of green leaves

I like ginger cats

I like boys with long hair

I like cold nights

I like butterflies & ladybirds

I like brightly coloured fruits, like oranges and strawberries

I like seahorses

I like the smell of library books

I like the sound of the sea in the dead of night

I like women in high heels

I like boys in striped shirts

I like pink scented candles

I love my boyfriend & furbaby

I hate rainy days

I hate sunday nights

I hate the smell of the fish section in food markets

I hate people who walk really slow

I hate that I'm away from home

I hate little brown bugs with loads of legs

I hate loud people

I hate Bella Swan

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