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1 March 2010

What's in Netty's purse?!

This tag has been going around on here and on youtube, and seem like so much fun! I love seeing what other girls carry around in their purses/bags!

This is what I am carrying around right now...

The bag:
The bag is by marc b and I bought it in Topshop. It is grey with a gorgeous leopard pattern lining. I think it cost £40.

The content:
Two wallets, phone, ipod, keys, book, two pens, two mirrors, two lipbalms, concealer, a cute little container and a box of smarties :)

The wallets:
I have one big wallet from Liz Claiborne filled with bank cards, Boots, HMV and Debenhams cards, library card, buss pass etc. I also have a little cute flowery bag, which contain my cash (£6.46 to be exact) :D

The essentials:
My pink ipod (currently enjoying the Glee album), my purple phone and my keys with a Twilight key ring and a love heart (naaaaaw!)

The makeup:
I always have to carry around my concealer from YSL (in case of a spot emergency), my rosebud salve and carmex lipbalm (for sore lips treatment) and for some reason I have two mirrors. I also have a little blue flowery container filled with little mints ;)

The 'in case I get bored' items:
Currently I am re-discovering Alice in Wonderland (preparing for the movie!). I also have two pens in my bag in case I need to write something down or I need to scribble a to-do list (I do that a lot!). Finally I have a box of smarties chocolate if I am in need of some sugar :)

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my bag :)

What do you have in your bag, I wonder...


  1. I like your bag!!! Must check their website soon!

    I carry 2 mirrors too. Carmex and Rosebud Salve are my fave lip treatments.

    I love Smarties but I can't seem to find some here in Los Angeles.

    Been following your blog, follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. love your wallet!very cute. have a happy monday :)

  3. woa i want to read ur book!! :)

  4. @Marie - I have to admit that the bag is super cute :) I've used it everyday since I got it.

    @Carina - Thank you, hun :)

    @ipehishere - Hehe, it is really good :D

  5. I agree, I love seeing what other people carry around, love the post

  6. I want the bag & the book & the wallet!

    Cute post dear


  7. I really like these posts, must get round to doing one myself ! I like all the pretty tins and mirrors you have !

  8. i love seeing whats in other peoples bags! nice stuff :)

  9. my rosebud salve is ALWAYS on me !!

  10. Love the bag(:
    And you have such cute stuff inside it, i really <3 these posts

  11. Love the Chanel-esque bag! I always carry my cherry carmex everywhere as well x

  12. I love your bag long time! x


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