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24 March 2010


I have a huge girl crush on Sienna Miller & an equally big boy crush on Jude Law, so the two of them together in the same film - me happy! 

I keep watching this film over and over.  I love Sienna's crazy hot style and Jude...well, he is just picture perfect all the way through.

"Anyone in the mood for a little Alfie, straight-up?"

'In every doomed relationship, there comes what I like to call "The uh-oh moment". When a certain little something happens, and you know you've just witnessed the beginning of the end. And suddenly you stop and you think, "Uh-oh, iceberg ahead".'

I Alfie

Do you? ;)


  1. I've never actually seen it o_o Bad I know..

    The pictures you posted look lovely though, Love the colours... Will be something I need to watch now :D xx

  2. Kirsty, you HAVE to watch it! It's really good!!


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