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16 March 2010

You guessed right - it's Jack!

It's true what they say. You never forget your first love. And Jack Dawson was mine.

I must have watched Titanic one billion times, but I never get sick of it.
I always smile at the same romantic scenes, curse at the ignorant mother, and shed a tear at the ending.

And Jack, well... He'll always make me weak in the knees.
True love, I tell ya :D

Do you share my love for Jack Dawson?

Or is there another fictional guy out there who makes your heart race?


  1. He was my first love too haha! I remember being at school and buying books of him haha XO

  2. It's not a bad film, it's my dad's favourite!

  3. Loved his character in Titanic! Ben Affleck's character in Pearl Harbour was amazing as well x

  4. Jude Law in Cold Mountain - Inman

    Beaut <3



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