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14 March 2010

My room

It's not exactly a room tour, but it gives you a general idea... ;)

So there you have it. Anything from perfumes, jewellery, books, nail polishes, makeup & of course my dear pink teddy, who has been with me since I was 5 back in Norway :)

I quite like my room, it's white and bright, pink and girly & stuffed with wonderful books!

Anybody else want to show some room snippets?


  1. So neat and tidy. I will do a room post one day. I love how evrything is arrange so neatly and your jewellery pictures have a real vintage feel xoxo

  2. gorgeous! love the cupcake :) where's it from? xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Faye - I got the cupcake around christmas from New Look. It was £5 :)

    @Chloe - Thanks!

  5. I love your blog - I just subscribed :)

  6. Very pretty and feminine! :)

  7. That's really pretty, I wish I could be that organised!

    Love the book collection! Extremely loud and incredibly close is one of my fave books x

  8. so many books :)
    i love the 3 nail polishes wrapped in pearls !

  9. Your room items are gorgeous! I so envy them! Where did you buy the box from in the 4rth image?
    Also do you have an youtube account?

  10. @XItsMine - Thank you :)

    I got the jewellery box from TK Maxx, it was about £15 I think...

    Yes, but only use it to watch makeup gurus ;)


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