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21 March 2010

Bathos to the rescue!

This bubblebar from LUSH is my absolute favourite bath product!
I think I have mentioned this before in a Monthly Favourites post, but I really can't say enough about this little miracle soap :)

When I have had a long day in work or a busy saturday out and about, my back and shoulders can get really stiff and sore, my legs can ache and my head feel tired.

The remedy - a warm, purple bath that smells like violets, jasmine and ylang ylang!

This sooths my aching body and heals my tired head. The smell is, in my opinion, LUSH's best! It is so clean and fresh - perfect for a calming bath.

I would never use this before a night out (for that I would use something like Creamy Candy Bath or Sunny Side), this is strictly for pampering and relaxation.

I call this my 'sunday soap', because I always have a nice long Bathos bath on sunday night, sort of in preparation for the upcoming week. I use half a bar at a time, which makes loads of bubbles and makes the water soft and creamy. The smell lingers on my skin for many hours & I instantly feel ready to face tomorrow :)

Has anybody else got a soft spot for Bathos?


  1. I love Bathos! I definately think it's Lush's best scent, too :)

  2. Sounds like I need to try this stuff!
    I just tagged you:


  3. @eatyourvegies - Cool :)

    @Pea - You won't regret it :)

  4. .... sorry can't remeber if I posted the link lol!

  5. I've was never allowed at home because my mum was scared they messed up the bath lol but since I Live alone now I might give them a try :P

    Anyhoo. tagged you for another award :) xx

  6. Bathos doesn't make a mess - it's all goooooood :)

    Thank you for the award, hun!!


  7. Have never tried it but it sounds fab! I wish there was a Lush near me :(

  8. I'm totally hooked on all things lush :) but bathos is also my favourite, it's like the perfect bath bomb


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