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17 March 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Look what I won!

Thank you so much, Kirsty! Go check out her adorable blog!!

To Accept this Award Please:

- Thank the person who nominated you.

- Copy the award and place it on your blog.

- Link to the person who nominated you.

- Tell seven things about yourself.

- Nominate seven bloggers, if you choose.

- Post links to the seven blogs if you do choose to nominate others.

Seven facts about MOI:

My boyfriend is my first love & relationship, and this month we have been together for 7 years (and still going strong, I might add).

I haven't seen my family (mum, dad, brother etc.) in 10 months and I miss them like crazy!!!

I totally baby my cat. That is why I call him my furbaby - he really is!

I 100% believe that I fell in love with Edward Cullen the first time I read the Twilight series (this was before the films by the way, so it had nothing to do with Robert Pattinson).

I eat fish maybe twice a year. And I know that's bad.

I'm a collector. And when I start collecting something I tend to get obsessed, and when I get obsessed I want it all. Like MAC makeup, Barry M nail paints, books, TV series on DVD, LUSH, perfumes, Chanel nail polishes, and so on.

I love football! I used to spend every saturday in the local pub in Oslo watching Premier League & drinking beer with my friends. Eventually football drove me to England and I ended up meeting my boyfriend at Old Trafford... Destiny, me thinks :)

I tag THESE wonderful 7 bloggers:


  1. Yay for the award!!
    I love your list!! Especially the first and last one! :)

  2. Thank you hunnie it means alot xx


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