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10 March 2010

Forever 21

Forever 21 have so many amazing clothes, bags and accessories. I'm almost drooling browsing their website.

Oh, how I wish we had this shop here in the UK!


I really can't wait for warmer weather and summer clothes!

Has anybody in the UK got any experience with ordering from the Forever 21 website? I'm thinking of trying... Any feedback would be much appreciated :)


  1. I know - their stuff is super cute wish we had a store here, it would be so popular!! I might have to try order from them too.. x

  2. love all the owl jewellery!!


    I have watched some hauls on youtube and UK girls have ordered from forever 21 and had no problems at all...

  3. Cool, Georgie :) I think I HAVE to order something from them...

  4. forever 21 is an amzingg site/store! too bad they don't have one in UK yet...i was so happy when they came to canada! but don't worry, soon enough they will come. like i mean, they have already expanded to going worldwide is bound to happen! : )


    Primark have a reasonable dupe for the owl necklace ^ : )

  6. I love some of the things on Forever21 but haven't ordered yet, mainly because I'm out of work. x

  7. I loooove the white dress! Perfect for summer.
    I want to order from their site too!

  8. Your picks are gorgeous. I love Forever21 - I always shop there when I go to america!! I hope they open up a shop here in the UK though, but i bet its going to be a lot more expensive than in the US!!


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