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17 March 2010

What's in Netty's makeup bag?

This is what I carry around with me & what I would take to a sleep-over
(as I obviously can't take all of my makeup with me).

The makeup bag:

The content:

The blushes:
MAC Mineralize Blush in Two Virtues

MAC Beauty Powder Blush in On a mission

MAC Gel Blush in Just a Pinch

The highlighter:
MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl

The concealers:
YSL Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer and MAC Select Moisturecover

The eyeshadows:
MAC self-made quad: Mylar, Quarry, Brule & Flashtrack

The lip products:
Barry M lipgloss in 951, Britney Spears Curious pink lipgloss (and perfume!), MAC lipglass in Viva Glam VI

The mascara/eyeliner/brow products:
Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in Ambre (dark brown), Maybelline Colossal mascara, Benefit Speed Brow

What do you have in your makeup bag?


  1. Wow I would love your make up bag fabulous colours xoxo

  2. What's the Speed Brow like? I have the Instant Brow pencil and it's good, but it's the first brow product I've used so I want to try some more!


  3. Wow great Items ;)

    Nice Blog :)

  4. @Pea - Speed Brow is great! It doesn't give much colour, but it keeps my brows tidy :)

    @Star-Light - Thanks!

  5. i love MACs cream color bases. great items ! <3


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