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24 January 2010

What I want from upcoming MAC collections...

From All Ages, All Races, All Sexes

- All Races eyeshadow:

- Personal style beauty powder blush:

From MAC in Lillyland

- Pearlmatte eye shadow:

- Lipgelees:

- Cremeblend blushes:

From MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast collection

- Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape:


- Eyeshadow Quad - Colour 3:

From MAC Too Fabulous Collection

- Mineralize Blush Duo in Two Virtues: Light blue pink/light violet (see picture above).

From MAC Give Me Liberty of London

- Beauty powder in Summer Rose:

- Lipstick and lipglass:

- Nail lacquer in Blue India:

I love the look of the Give Me Liberty of London collection! How adorable is that packaging?! I bet I want it all when I see it in the MAC store...can't wait!


  1. Whether or not I like the products,,,, I am going to buy LoLon. atleast for its packaging!!!
    Too cute!

  2. Haha, I'm thinking the same thing! I adore the packaging!!

  3. WOW, that pearlmatte eyeshadow is amazing :) I love it so much. Nice post :)xxx

  4. WOW, that pearlmatte eyeshadow is amazing :) I love it so much. Nice post :)xxx

  5. Laura - I know how you feel! :D

    DangerouslyBeauty - I think the pearlmatte will be amazing! Just look how cute it looks!! A must-have :)

  6. Awesome choices. I can't wait! x


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