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25 January 2010

The search for perfection...

This makes me sad :(

I thought she was pretty before she decided to 'beautify' herself...

When did it become 'ugly' to look unique and original?


  1. I am not even against plastic surgery and am considering becoming a plastic surgeon myself but this is so wrong! She doesn't look like herself and she is far too young to have so many procedures :(

  2. Poor Heidi, she was so much prettier before all this surgery x

  3. I wanted "H for Heidi" LOL omg shes so funny.. lol I have no issues with what shes done :) I think she looks gorgeous before, and after! Except her boobs are way massive, and to think she wanted to go bigger YUK!

  4. Randomlondongirl - Oh that's so cool! You are right about Heidi though, she is only 23 and she didn't need to fix anything really! Not she has ruined her face - so sad :(

    Peonies and water lilies - I agree 100%.

    Lorien Beauty Love - I'm surprised to hear someone say that they like how she looks now, there has been so much negativity around this. Even bigger boobs? On that tiny body?! Yuk indeed! :D

  5. This makes me actually feel sick, she looks so fake and unhappy. This is torture indeed :( x

  6. She looked much more fresh and natural before... it's sad...
    Thanks a lot for your comment!


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