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20 January 2010

Introducing Noa ♥

My furbaby :D

He'll be 3 years old on Valentine's Day. To cut a story short, he is spoiled rotten and loved very much!

Do you have a furbaby? ;)


  1. He's absolutely adorable!!

    I'm a total cat lady, I have 3!

  2. Oh, I want 3! :) Well, maybe some day... Noa is enough for now, he is kind of hard work... ;)

  3. Haha... hes a right little cutie, can see he gets up to some mischief too... the lil' bugger hehe. I have 4 myself, Ill have to get some pics up of mine.


  4. Oh, Jo...he gets into mischief ALL the time! He's got too much time on his hands in the house, I think, so his mind starts going ;)

    Wow, 4 cats!! Yes, you HAVE to put pictures up of them all!


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