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21 January 2010

Benefit Thrrrob

Oh my God, I was just browsing Benefit's webpage ( and noticed that one of my all time favourite Benefit items is on sale!

This gorgeous blush is usually £23.50, but now you can get it for £15.50! I have just ordered one as a back up because I truly love this product and I never want to run out.

Bit about the product... On the packaging it says:

'Get the "Turned-on" flush you've been looking for with this heart-throbbing pink powder.
Brush across cheekbones, forehead and chin & let the excitement begin!'

When I first purchased this, the saleslady tried it on me, and as I thought it was just a blusher for my cheeks, I was quite surprised when she started swiping it all across my face... But as it's such a subtle pink, it works as a nice 'glow' for your entire face (I add a bit more on my cheeks for a more intense pink colour).

It comes with a brush, but I use my MAC 116 or the MAC 187 to apply it.

This blush also smells really good, which is kind of strange. I don't think any of my MAC blushes smell particularly nice (in fact they don't smell like anything), but thrrrob kind of smells like sweet roses... I like that! :D

It lasts all day and is easy to apply, as it's not extremely pigmented. It's buildable, which is my favourite kind of blush, as I happen to love the act of applying a blush (I like doing it over...and over...and over. Is that weird?) ;)

All in all, I'm glad I'll soon have another thrrrob in my collection for when my current one runs out. This perfect rosy coloured pink is, and will be for a long time, one of my holy grail products.

What do you think of thrrrob?


  1. I've hit pan on my throb, I love it tho. best thing ever, and that is a bit too good a price to not do anything about *pops over to Benefit website*
    :) Steph x

  2. This looks like a great colour. I have yet to try any Benefit blushes but they are pretty high on my wishlist! Coralista and Sugarbomb look gorgeous as well.


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