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22 January 2010

MAC mineralized blushes

I'm a huge fan of MAC's mineralized blushes, mainly because they look gorgeous!

When new ones come out in MAC collections, I have to go and see them and I have to own them!!

So far I have 6 mineralized blushes...

From the top (left to right): Love Rock, Gentle, Dainty.
From the bottom (left to right): Moon River, Daft Pink, Warm Soul.

In order of favourites:

1. Love Rock (Stunning dark, rosy pink - perfect for a flushed cheek).

2. Warm Soul (As I am very pale, this works as a great bronzer for me. It's not too dark or too orangy, juuuuust perfect).

3. Moon River (This pale silvery pink can be used as both cheek colour (pink side) and cheek highlight (multicoloured silver/blue veined side)).

4. Daft Pink (Well, look at it! It's so PRETTY!)

5. Dainty (Used in the Twilight film, this perfect peachy-pink blush is a winner among vampires!) :)

6. Gentle (A very nice purple blush. Glad to have it in my collection).

Do you love mineralized blushes too?


  1. These are so gorgeous to look at let alone use!!! Please come follow me, I'm going to follow you :) x

  2. I have no blush or bronzer!!! I love your collection!
    Im just scared to use them since there are so many girl who wear them all the wrong way and look like weird... but ur collection is so pretty!! Liked the Benefit one too.
    I have yellow/olive skin so I really can't think of a natural looking blush that would work well.

  3. I always admire them in the shop but have yet to try one. Really regret not getting the duo blushers, love rock and moom river look so pretty x

  4. Tunics: Just go to the MAC counter and they will help you to find a perfect blush for your skin. :)

  5. I love the mineralize blushers - I'd be wanting one for so long and finally purchased Dainty. Warm Soul is next on my wishlist - I just love how beautiful they look in the packaging and on the skin :)

  6. I've never had an MSF blush before, they look so pretty!

  7. I dont have any yet, but Dainty is on my list!


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