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21 November 2010

What's in my makeup bag!

This is an updated "what's in my makeup bag" post, which is one my favourite kind of posts to do and read on other blogs. I last did one in March (see here), and looking back, most of my day to day items have changed.

This is what I keep in my makeup bag at the moment:

Right, a breakdown of the products...

The makeup bag was a gift from my aunt, and I just think it's really pretty :)

The face products:
MAC mineralize blush in Warm Soul, Boiing concealer in 01, Benefit Stay Don't Stray, Stila blush in Bud, NARS cream blush in Penny Lane, MAC blush in The Perfect Cheek

The eye products:
Buxom eyeshadow in Pug, MAC Opulash mascara, Stila smudge pot in Black Cat, NARS soft touch shadow pencil in Goddess, YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara

Lip products:
Buxom plumping lip balm in Copacabana, Korres lip butter in Jasmine, YSL Gloss Volupte in 6, YSL Rouge Pur Transparent in 22, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 76

What is in your makeup bag?


  1. woah i'm so jealous that you own all that high end makeup!<3,xxx

  2. Oh my gosh,
    you have such an amazing quantity of great products here!!
    I am particularly curious about that Nars eye pencil in Goddess, sounds spectacular!!
    Ohh, I am in love with them all, my dear!

  3. Such a pretty make up bag you have there and filled with so many greats thins.
    The YSL mascara is also my favourite
    I always carry with me a concealer and powder to freshen up my make up, a kabuki and a nude lipgloss/lipstick such as Gosh - Darling ou Mac creme d'nude .

  4. Great items! I want Penny Lane soo bad xx

  5. i love your make-up bag! it is so girly and pretty. also, i love your make-up! expecially the lipsticks :)
    i love all the products you have here and some i have been wanting to try, this post is just my motivation :)

  6. Ahhh you have such nice things!!!I'm actually looking through at what I'd like for xmas hehe! also how do you keep your make-up so clean?!?xo

  7. @beckiangel44 - Haha, no idea. I guess cause I pay a lot of money for these items, I end up treating them nice :)

  8. Your makeup bag is gorgeous and you use some really nice products :)

  9. Love everything in your makeup bag!

  10. oooohhh i want EVERYTHING in your makeup bag hehe. i like to carry everything with me too.. do you often find that your GF often ask to borrow lipgloss/lipstick etc .. because they know you have everything in your makeup bag? great post. thanks for sharing xo


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