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6 November 2010

Lanvin ♥ H&M lipsticks


I spotted the top picture on Silje's blog and got very excited. 4 Lavin lipstick colours! I want the pink one, the nude and maybe the red one...

As far as I can tell the lipsticks will retail for £7.99.

Will you be picking up a Lanvin lipstick on the 23rd of November?



  1. oh my gosh!! I want them all! haha
    Do you know how much they will be!?

  2. £7.99 :) I added it onto the post as well. Thank you for asking :)

  3. they look too pretty not to buy! lovely! :) xx

  4. oooo the nude one looks lovely, its silly because I just can't help myself but buy one even if i no none of them will suit me :) x

  5. The pink one definitely excites me the most x

  6. The pink lippy looks lovely.. £7.99 is a bit much for a h&m lipstick though don't you think? xx

  7. @Abbieause - Yeah, but I am thinking/hoping that as it's Lanvin the quality might be a bit better...? Coulde be wrong though... Some swatching will be required before purchasing ;)

  8. Never seen them. I'll have a look next time I'm around a H&M. XXX

  9. those are so cute!!! even if the lipsticks aren't that good ill get it for the packaging for sure haha


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