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22 November 2010

Monday randomness...

As I have managed to get the flu (again!) I spent the day doing the following:

Eating a lot of tangerines (my body is crying out for vitamin C)

Finished reading The Snowman (literally couldn't put this one down. One of Nesbo's best!)

Tried my best to entertain the crazy fur-baby (I tired waaaaaay before him...)

Watched Frida about Frida Kahlo's traumatic life and spellbounding art (extremely fascinating!)

Hmmmm, think I need to get back to work tomorrow...

Hope your monday has been a bit more productive ;)


  1. aaww i hope you get soon pet,must feel down havin the flu east you got ya baby cat to keep you company :) xxx

  2. ah your kitty is SO cute! One of mine drinks from the sink as well :)

  3. gorgeous pictures of your cat! =) x

  4. @Estella - It is SOOOOOO scary! Loved it!

    @Sammiebbz - Thank you :)

    @Pearls&politics - Haha, cool! Noa likes catching the water... ;)

    @Pyxiee - Thanks. He is lovely :)

  5. My cat totally hangs around the taps too...she goes crazy if she sees one drop of water haha xx


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