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7 November 2010

NARS Penny Lane

This is my favourite blush of the moment!

This nude pink cream blush is absolutely gorgeous on my (now) winter pale skin. It is so creamy and easy to blend, it works as a blush on its own or as a base for a powder blush, and it gives me natural and healthy looking glowy skin. New FAVOURITE!!!

And I use this brush from Sephora to apply my dear Penny Lane:

Together they are magic :D

What is your current go-to blush?


  1. Benefit Dallas, I know it's more of a bronzer but it gives such a natural glow, I love it!
    I wish I could afford NARS :( xx

  2. Do you live in the US? Here in England Benefit is more expensive than NARS! :)

  3. It's seems georgeus!

  4. I want Penny Lane so bad. As soon as I'm back in US it's mine :D

  5. I loooove Penny Lane, one of my fav blush. The texture is way more better than the mac's cream blushes! This one is not sticky and very easy to blend on the skin with a fluffy brush.
    My other favourite blush is Sugarbomb by Benefit. My to-go colour , so damn easy to wear, gives a nice glow , smells so good and can have different uses wether u use this or this colour

  6. Currently obsessed with MAC Peaches

  7. I just got this last week and I really love it too :) That brush looks great, I've just been using my fingers which probably isn't the best way to be putting it on!

  8. NARS Gina is my go-to blush! never fails ;)

  9. I'm loving 'Lust' from Make Up Store, but definitely will be picking up a NARS blush by Xmas, either Orgasm or Deep Throat.
    Kat x
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  10. I also love that brush, i always use that to aply my blush ;) I've been using bourjois #rose de jaspe"


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