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24 November 2010


I have 5 favourite palettes that I constantly reach for when I'm doing my makeup:

 Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent in 589 Goldfever

Dior's palettes are definitely my all time favourite, they are just amazing! Goldfever is the perfect palette in my opinion. All of the colours are highly wearable, the brown shadows are great for a natural daytime look, and the beautiful golds for more of a party look. Amaaaaaazing!

Dior 5 Couleurs in 470 Spring Bouquet

Again a very versatile Dior palette. Creamy and flattering greys together with cute and fresh pink shadows. You also get the Dior quality, which I have never heard anybody complain about :)

 4 Fleurs de Chanel

Just look how pretty!

MAC Graphic Garden palette

This is the perfect nighttime palette. If ever I want to go for something a bit more "playful", I reach for the blues in this palette.

Urban Decay Ammo eyeshadow palette

Just lots of fun colours! Very sparkly and pretty ♥

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?


  1. O. M. G. That first one. Perfect. Just the kind of colours I love.

  2. I don't own any dior palettes but the first one is so pretty!

  3. oooh this was great to have a wee nosy at missus! I have 3 UD palleted including ammo, but had them all for a few years now and I dont know if I should still be using them or not? :( I have a mac fabulous felines quad which I cannot stop reaching for right now. great for a daytime smokey eye xx

  4. Oh I love urban decay cosmetics.

  5. I really like the Urban Decay Vegan Pallete and the too faced glamour on the go natural beauty mini palette

  6. I am craving that dior goldfever pallete now! It looks so lush.


  7. The first Dior palette looks incredible! Ah its perfect for me, so pretty!


  8. wow, that first Dior palette looks amazing!! Gorgeous colours...


  9. Dior goldfever looks amazing! The colours looks so shimmery and wearable x

  10. I have the UD Ammo palette, am on my second one and I still love it and use it all the time!

  11. The UD palette you have looks to be a fake, :( I work very closely with their products and UD has never released a palette with a sponge-tip applicator, in fact, they've never released a sponge-tip applicator at all. I own many of their palettes, including this one (purchased directly from their website) and yours looks completely different. Mine comes with a small dark handled brush, the font inside your palette is different and much larger, also, the insides of the real palettes have the same artwork as on the outside-- that beautiful metallic purple, whimsical design. Where did you acquire yours? If it was anywhere besides or Sephora, it is definitely a knock-off. Also, if you look at photos of the real palette, the colors in yours are a little off.... Sorry :/


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