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4 July 2010

TAG: Top 10 Beauty Products for under £10

Here's my top 10 (in no particular order):

£1.69 at Boots - Lovely hint of colour on the lips and of course moisturising. Staple.

£2.99 at H & M - A quick and easy eye pen which glitters and looks gorgeous on my lower lash line.

£1.95 at Boots - Apple Blossom is a nice nude lipstick with some shimmer and pink undertones.

£2.95 at Boots - Love drugstore nail polishes, and Barry M is my number 1 brand! This is Berry Ice Cream - my favourite colour in their line. Great quality and unbeatable price!

£6.29 at Boots - Revlon nail polishes are amazing. A little bit more expensive, but they do have some amazing colours. This is Minted - love it!

£3.49 at Boots - Pompous is my favourite purple polish and I get so many compliments whenever I wear this. Rimmel is definitely a brand worth checking out.

£7.00 at The Body Shop - A quick skin pick-me up and instant refreshment, moisture and protection. Lovely on a hot summer day OR a dry winter evening ;)

£7.00 at The Body Shop - A light floral fragrance, perfect for spring and summer. My favourite Body Shop scent. I am addicted to this!

£2.99 at Boots - These are amazing for removing eye makeup. I use these every night and they are so soft, gentle and never fail to get every bit of my mascara and eyeliner off. Hurrah!

£7.99 at Boots - I love to use this before a night out. It really IS a rescue treatment (and it's loved by Kate Moss - I'm totally sold!) Makes my hair super smooth and manageable. Glossy perfection!

That's my favourite top 10 products for under £10.

Thank you for reading :)


  1. wow that barry M color is gorgeous!!!!!!! the vaseline looks adorable!

  2. Apple Blossom is amazing:)

  3. definitely need to try the James Brown treatment - looks fab! x

  4. I'm with you on the Rose Vaseline and really want to try the Body Shop face mist!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  5. i used to use the james brown moisturising shampoo and its so nice! it has little shimmery particles to make your hair shiny :)

  6. I have that face mist and the hair rescue treatment.. they're both amazing!!! <3

  7. You've got a few of my favourites in there - that James Brown hair treatment is amazing!

  8. I absolutely love Minted! :D

  9. The body shop face mist seems to sting my face a little but it is refreshing when it's hot!


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