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9 July 2010

TAG: Day 3

Day 3 - Favourite TV programme

Favourite TV programme has to be Gilmore Girls. I can watch it a million times and still laugh :)

I could never decided which one out of Rory's men I liked the most... I still can't. Maybe Jess... or Logan!

Dean, Jess or Logan... Who was your favourite? ;)


  1. I've only recently got into watching re-runs of this and cant' believe I missed it the first time around! I think the Rory/Dean relationship is too cute :)

  2. Jess!
    Although I've only watched the odd episode - I can't find the time to watch them all :)

  3. Logan for sure!

    The rest were way too annoying and jealous!

  4. I am a massive GG fan and am like you, could watch them all a hundred times (I'm actually watching them right now!)
    It has to be Jess, uh I just love him :)

  5. I've never heard of this?????
    I am obviously out of touch with tv since i started blogging lol xx

  6. Logan!!!! he was super smart on her kind of level, cute, while still having all the answers with a bit of arrogance/too much confidence

  7. @Miss Lipton - They are! And it keeps on getting better and better ;)

    @R May A - He is pretty hot! :D

    @Urwa - I think he is my favourite too. He was so cheeky - loved that!

    @Rosie - So glad I own the DVD's :)

    @Nicoletta - Gilmore Girls isn't on tv anymore :( But you should definitely check out the DVD's. Amazing show!!

    @lilluna5416 - Hear, hear! ;)

  8. Jess! Logan is horrible, and dean was boring. I LOVED JESS!! :)



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