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25 July 2010

I am loving...

... Revlon nail polishes!
How come I've never used these before?! For some reason I have been ignoring Revlon in Boots/Superdrug and instead only been going for Barry M and Rimmel...

But now my new love is Revlon, which cost a little bit more (£6 something), but the quality is great and they are so easy to apply!

They have some amazing colours as well. Minted is my favourite so far, but I have at least 10 other colours on my to-buy list so next week I may have a new favourite :)

What's your favourite Revlon nail polish? Which colour NEEDS to be in my collection?


  1. I love Revlon's minted. I hear rock royalty is a must have but it's hard to find :(

  2. Cool. I'll have to try and find it :)

  3. I haven't tried Revlon nail polishes yet...I think here are more expensive (like aprox. 10 euros if I remember...)

  4. Yes, they are a little bit more expensive than other drugstore brands. But I'm really impressed with them, so I'm going to buy some more :D

  5. I love Revlon Nail Polishes :)

    Nude Chic is a perfect nude! Well atleast for my skin tone :)

    Make Mine Mango is a beautiful coral!

    Red Hot Tamale is the perfect red!

    and Highest Blush is the perfect, well blush-y colour :)
    I wish i could find Minted but it's not in stores anymore :(

  6. Thank you, Urwa! Great tips, I will check them all out :)

  7. i adore revlon nail polishes too because it only requires 2 coats for a flawless application! i'm wearing revlon's perfect pink at the moment! :)


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