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25 July 2010

Olivia Palermo

She looks absolutely amazing here!
I want the lace dress, the clutch, the bracelet, the nailpolish, the legs... everything!

Her hair and makeup is impeccable as well. Just gorgeous!

Love her!


  1. Wow, she looks stunning! I want that dress! xx

  2. wow she just looks amazing! her eyes are great in the first pic!

  3. She looks perfect, its so unfair lol x

  4. I agree with you! She looks gorgeous there! I love that dress

  5. I really hate her as a person, I find her really spoilt and annoying, but she is stunning and I love her style!

  6. She does have great style, it's a shame she's such an idiot in The City!

  7. I don't like her as a person either, probably because I'm jealous of not being born into such wealth and earning money by just being a socialite. She comes across as such a b♥tch in The City too! xx

  8. i admit, she's really pretty. but i really don't like her. she's so bitchy and annoying. gosh. i hate her. haha. but i love her style:D

  9. She looks gorgeous, love the hair and the curls! x


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