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4 August 2010

I am loving...

L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color

Vitamino Color Shampoo:
Creamy-light shampoo that uses Incell Hydro-Resist double-locking technology. The protecting shampoo, specifically designed for coloured hair, prolongs colour radiance intensity with a lightweight film that repels water, helping to protect colour and enhance shine.

Vitamino Color Conditioner:
This colour-radiance protecting conditioner enriched with Incell Hydro-Resist double-locking technology seals the hair fibre to help keep colour in and water out. The more regularly you condition, the softer and radiant your coloured hair becomes.
Vitamino Color Masque:
This nourishing masque enriched with Incell Hydro-Resist double-locking technology targets weakened areas of the hair and wraps each hair with a lightweight film to protect against everyday wear and tear, which can zap colour radiance intensity. Hair is intensely nourished, and protected in just 60 seconds.

Don't you just love it when you find something that really works and that's worth every penny?!

This line of products have seriously changed my hair from dull, coarse and unmanageble to soft, shiny and healthy.

Not only does this hair care range take care of my coloured hair, but for some wonderful reason it also completely tames my thick and crazy lion's mane! Not many products that say that... :D

I have been using these 3 items religiously for the last couple of months, and although these products are on the pricey side (about £10 a bottle), I can't see myself switching to another hair care range for a LONG time.

I'm in love :)


  1. I use the one for 'shine' (also pink bottle) and also the silver shampoo from this range to take the yellow tones out of my blonde hair.

    Have been using this range for over a year now and haven't felt the need to change either :)

  2. I love this range!! seriously good stuff x

  3. I want to try these products, but in the range Absolut repair (I think it's named that way)

  4. sounds great, i love it when i find something great x

  5. @Laura - I have the silver one too, but maybe I need to try out the shine line as well... :)

    @Charlotte - So true!!

    @Becky - I have heard good things about the Absolut Repair conditioner. I'd give it a go if I was you ;)

    @Nicoletta - Me too, it's the best feeling!

  6. I ADORE Vitamino colour shampoo! x

  7. Loving the sound of this, think it will go on my list to try when my current shampoo runs out!

  8. i use products of absolut repair series,its good when i use them ,but when i quit to use them my hair goes back to the hard,non brushable mode,but still i like them :)


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