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16 August 2010

Furtail... Yay or Nay?

Foxy fur tail bag charm from Louis Vuitton...

They go on your bag, like this:  

Victoria Beckham

I think it's kind of cute :)

Edit: I wouldn't buy a real fur one (goes against everything that I believe in), but a cheap fake one maybe...

What do you think? Yay or nay?


  1. I think they are horrible. Anything to do with real fur I find it disgusting. They might look good but I see a cute animal and who knows how they were killed. For me a definite big nayyyy!!!

  2. @Mercedes - I understand. I wouldn't buy a real fur one, but a cheap fake type :)

  3. hmm I'd like them if they were a bit smaller, don't like how huge they are!
    They have an air of rabbits foot about them, maybe they bring luck as well!

  4. nay!
    I dislike fur unless its being worn by a living animal, and I find fake fur creepy!

  5. They're quite cute but a little bit big. I'd probably buy a smaller one - but only fake fur :)

  6. ergh I think that is horrible!
    I can't see why anyone would think it's a good idea to have a bit of a dead animal hanging off their bag, ewww.
    and I think buying a fake just endorses people to get the real ones,

  7. Ive nominated you for an award check it out xxx

    like you I cant stomach the thought of having a real fur tail!!!
    Been on the look out for one for ages....
    with no luck! :(
    All the ones on ebay are real fur!
    Please tell if you find a faux fur one.

  9. Definite NAY!! It's repulsive!! Ewww that is some one elses tail!

    Only cute on the animal...


  10. i agree i wouldnt buy a real one!the pain the animal has to suffer just to accessorize a bag?!
    i think if they were smaller and were fake then it might grow on me:)x

  11. I agree. No thank you. There is nothing fashionable about an animal suffering and dying. A fake fur, less smaller one should be cute. Shame on louis vuitton for using real animal fur.

  12. I don't buy real fur but sometimes I do buy real leather...I know I'm bad :( But I would deff buy a fake one of these. They're too cute! The model hanna beth used to sell faux fur coon tail bag clips like these

  13. Crikey they're massive!! Yay for fake fur tail, BOOOOO for real fur! If these get a lot of press then it probably won't be long before someone else does a fake fur version of it!

  14. Hah, I always did think my bag was missing something, a tail! Of course!


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