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22 February 2010

Dresses by Victoria Beckham

Some dresses from Victoria Beckham's new collection revealed at the New York Fashion Week last friday:

I LOVE the black one at the top right!

What do you think?



  1. the dresses are amazing but my eyes r hurting because all i can think is the models are too skinny.;-(

  2. I love her style!! So classy & sexy! :)

  3. I love both blacks!
    She's getting quite popular

  4. @Matron-Jo: I agree, they are far too skinny. No fat (or muscles)what so ever!! :(

    @Princesa Livia: I wish I could look that classy too :)

    @Mara: The black ones are my favourite too. So elegant and classy.

    @Wacky Jack: Yes, I believe she will make a name for herself in the fashion world now.

  5. Her collection is gawjuzz and I love that the models are chanelling VB via the sunglasses indoors :)


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